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Social Bookmarking using Delicious

Class 5


PDF Handout: class05_social_bookmarking_delicious.pdf


Assignment 4: assignment_04_class05_delicious.pdf


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Social Bookmarking

  • an online application
  • accessible from any computer
  • save and organize Web resources
  • uses "tags"
  • searchable
  • shareable



Browser based booking image

Browser based bookmarking

Social Bookmarking image
Social Bookmarking



photo from the video


In this class we will explore the many uses of Social Bookmaking, using the popular application "Delicious".


We will look at the many facets of sharing using the URLS, tags and the users' contributions.













Lecture Video #1: Social Bookmarking - 6:30 min  



Lecture Video #2: Overview of Delicious - 4:30 min   



Lecture Video #3: Understanding your Delicious Account- 6 min   


Class Delicious Site - http://delicious.com/csit70


This site is used to demonstrate the the features of Delicious. It will be used to create a network of the bookmark sites for all of the students in this class. 





Your assignment is located at the top of this page as a pdf handout.


  • You will create your own Delicious account (unless you already have one)

    and you will send me a bookmark.

  • I will create a network of all of your accounts, to demonstrate the concept of sharing.


This assignment is worth 40 points and should be completed in a week.










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