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Social Networking and Social News

Class 12


PDF Handout:  12_social_network_news.pdf





Social networking sites are websites that connect people into an online Internet community. The members usually share a common interest such as hobbies, locale, values, dating, business, politics, etc. Once you join a social network, you can begin to socialize with other members by reading the profile pages and contacting them. You can also find other members by browsing or by specific key word searches. As with a physical social network, an online social network gives you the ability to meet others through your immediate friends, which makes it easy to establish networks of contacts.




  • Social networking has emerged as a new way to communicate and share information.
  • Web 1.0 websites connected “pages”. Web 2.0 websites as connect “people and communities.”




Social Networking Overview

·         The members usually have something in common

·         Members share things (information, photos, video, comments)

·         Has ability to interact with others  and to form relationships

·         The network provides a service, therefore it offers you something

·         The network provides tools to use

·         You can claim people as friends

·         You can follow people

·         You can browser or search for people or groups

·         Something of value (to the member), ultimately is obtained from the social network





Additional Video: Social Networking in Plain English - 2 min 

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Lecture Video - Social Networks and Social News - 8 min



Social News Sites

The term social news refers to websites where users submit and vote on news stories, articles or other Web links (photos, videos), thus determining which ones are most note worthy. The votes, will determine which articles will be given more visibility. These news articles or media are “shared” within the community and with the general public. Since the members are the ones doing the voting, it is the “collective” power of the community that shapes the content and direction of the website.



Screenshots of widgets that display content from two popular social news sites:




  Assignment: Answer Question on the Wiki - in Class Collaboration Area in SideBar 

     - due in 2 weeks




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