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Getting Started with the Wiki

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Getting Started with the Wiki 



What is a Wiki:

A wiki is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows one to easily publish and update information. 

A wiki allows many people to contribute and collaborate together.   A wiki is a special kind of website, that allows you to edit the pages and add to the content. You can change what appears on the page and add to it.  It’s as easy as erasing a word and rewriting it by using an “edit” and “save” button.  The general public can see most of the wiki pages but not the pages that users have permission to edit. Every time someone edits the wiki, the previous document is saved. You can go back in history and compare all the edits that have been made to the wiki.  A wiki is a way to work together, produce information and make a community.


Who can Use the Wiki:

On a wiki, different roles can be assigned so that certain people can edit certain content areas, while others may only be able to read certain areas.


Collaboration Pages - Class Assignments:

There will be a few pages where we will "collaborate" together, such as the "Introductions" page. On these pages, you will all have read/write permission. Yourselves, and people from the outside, will not be able to see these pages unless you are logged in.


The class assignments, when posted, will require writing together on this wiki.




Watch this video to see how to post an introduction:


This video shows you how to edit and collaborate on the wiki - 6 min 



Individual Folders - optional:

You will all be given a folder with "editor" permissions, in that folder only.  This means that you can create and delete pages. Your folder will only be visible to yourself when you log in.


The folder is just for your learning experience. You will not be graded on it and you do not have to use it if you do not want to.



Watch this video to see how to use your personal folder (optional):


This video shows you how to use the folders- 7 min 

Note: the "Folder" heading is now "Navigator" in the right hand panel



Wiki Overview -  courtesy of CommonCraft.com - about 4  minutes

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 How to get started using PBWiki - 3.5 minutes 

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You can see more videos at  http://vimeo.com/pbwiki






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